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Sustainable hydrogen

At natufirm we strive to make both the agricultural and industrial sectors sustainable by employing cutting edge hydrogen technology. Hydrogen is a clean alternative to fossil-fuels with a broad spectrum of applications.

Hydrogen as a energy vector

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Energy production

Renewable energy sources produce volatile amounts of energy. Peak loads must be dealth with by the network.

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Through the use of electrolysis the residual electricity can be converted to (renewable) hydrogen, which can retain a large part of the produced energy.

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Hydrogen is a gas which is therefore stored under pressure in gas tanks. Gas tanks can have varying volumes from smaller tanks to larger tanks based on your application.

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The stored hydrogen can now be used to refuel vehicles with a fuel cell or hydrogen combustion engine, as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Our Mission

Natufirm is an ambitious and well connected international wholesaler with a focus on electrical and hydrogen powered heavy machinery, sustainable off-grid systems, sustainable mobility solutions and related products. We are mainly operating in the agricultural, infrastructural and industrial sectors within Europe.


Our primary target is to build long term business relations with a reliable buyers and suppliers and grow our marketshare. Our activities are located in Stevensbeek, the Netherlands.


The company was founded in 2000 as a projectmanagement company in both the agricultural and infrastructural sector. In 2009 these activities were joined by an installation company in the Photo-Voltaic market (Natuma) and Natufirm, wholesaler in related products. Our business concept has thus far proven very successful. Nowadays we are proud to be one of the most renowned suppliers in our region.

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